The Burning Throne

The Burning Throne Duology is an epic fantasy in two parts being published in the US and Canada by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt under their John Joseph Adams imprint. The books are titled Upon A Burning Throne and The Blind King’s Wrath. 

Upon A Burning Throne is complete and is currently in editing. It’s scheduled for publication in Winter 2019.

The Blind King’s Wrath completes the story begun in the first book. It’s not currently scheduled but expect it in Winter 2020.

To know a little more about The Burning Throne Duology, check out the original announcement on my editor John Joseph Adam’s website.

John is also the editor and publisher of two of the finest SFF and Horror online zines Lightspeed and Nightmares, both of which have featured several short stories and novelettes by me. He’s famously known as editor of multiple anthologies including the Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy series as well as the Acquiring Editor for his own imprint, John Joseph Adams Books, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He’s also the co-editor with Victor LaValle of the forthcoming anthology A PEOPLE’S FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES in which I have a story. And finally, he’s the producer and co-host of The Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy podcast, one of the most informative and useful podcasts about speculative fiction in literature and the media. All these are well worth checking out.